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Bill & Cameron have more than 75 years experience between them in the 4WD repairs and boating industries. It was Bill & Dian’s passion for caravanning, camping, boating and fishing that brought about the design of the aluminium boat loader/roof rack. In our 14+ years of operation we have become recognised as Australia’s best and most reputable roof rack boat loader.

One person can quickly & easily load & unload an aluminium dinghy on & off their 4WD vehicle roof, using a cordless drill or fully wireless remote controlled version, in about 2 minutes! We also make a heavy duty version to suit the larger boats on the bigger vehicles such as the Ford “F” series, Dodge Ram, Chevy Silverados etc.

The heavy duty, but lightweight construction, is virtually maintenance free and perfect for the serious 4WD’er and those people traveling with a caravan and wanting to take a boat too! It keeps the fun in boating by taking the hard work out of taking the tinnie with you! You can see from the video just how easy it is for anyone to operate. We carry out modifications and repairs to aluminium dinghies; also caravan accessories such as outboard carriers. Cameron can advise you on a choice of boat and outboard, modifications such as gunwale rails, steps, floors etc. Ask us about a quote for a full package deal – we are a One Stop Shop!

Feel free to have a look around our ever growing website and if you have any questions, we’re only a click away, enjoy!

FACTS About The Loader

FACTS about the Loader

Best Rear Boat Loader – Australian Made

  • The Custom Boat Loader (CBL) rack is manufactured from high grade aluminium, which is then anodised and powder coated, to give strength and reliability in a lightweight construction.
  • It has a sturdy mesh floor for carrying equipment beneath the boat such as boating gear (rods, tackle boxes, crab nets etc). It is not necessary to remove anything carried on the rack during the loading/unloading process as the boat travels up and over the stored equipment.
  • The gearbox is a fully sealed, long life, synthetic oil filled unit and driven by either a 14.4/18v drill OR we have a 12v wireless remote controlled version.
  • The ropes have a 900kg and 700kg breaking strain. All other fittings are stainless steel.
  • There are 2 standard size loaders available; the smaller loader caters for most boats 3.75m and under with a beam no greater than 1.66m. The larger loader caters for boats up to 4m with a maximum beam no greater than 1.80m.
  • Heavy Duty loaders (remote control ONLY) take boats to a maximum of 250kg on suitablevehicles such as the Ford “F” series, Dodge Ram, Chevy Silverados etc
More Key Features

More Key Features

Robust, self-contained and maintenance free.

  • One person can quickly & easily load & unload an aluminium dinghy on and off their 4WD vehicle roof, and secure it down for travel.
  • Our roof rack is custom made for most 4WD vehicles.
  • The Custom Boat Loader is virtually maintenance free.
  • The rear boat loader is easily removed from the vehicle if not required.
  • The Custom Boat Loader can be used simply as a roof rack.
  • The Custom Boat Loader is simply the best rear boat loader on the market!

You can leave the boat partially loaded and hose out the interior of the boat before completing the loading. This will protect the roof of the vehicle from salty water. We recommend carrying 20 litres of freshwater to complete the hosing out process.

When loading/unloading the boat will not move even in heavy wind conditions – if it is windy enough to move the boat on the loader it’s too windy to be out boating!!



A few kind words.

Dian, The loader was easy to fit, the instruction on the boat mount was easy to follow, it looks good and works well. All my mates love it. I will be leaving for the top end on the 20th of this month so I will get a photo of my set up and send it to you. A great loader! Many thanks Norm.

We are very happy with the loader. We had no trouble setting it up and have tried it at home to see how we went with it. Very easy to use! We would recommend it to anyone that was interested in getting a loader. It is one of the best that we have seen. If we ever get over your way we will hopefully be able to call on you.

Thank you Dian, The boatloader works just fine. We have had a wonderful afternoon raising and lowering the boat. A few minor adjustments to the ropes and everything worked just fine. (Thank god Optima batteries can handle a continuous load.) We have also worked out how to unload the boat straight onto the little bulldog trailer.Please thank Bill for his advice. My back loves each of you.

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