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About the Custom Boat Loader

The Custom Boat Loader allows one person to safely and easily load and unload an aluminium dinghy from their 4WD roof using a cordless drill or fully wireless remote controlled version, in about 2 minutes! We also make a heavy duty version to suit the larger boats on the bigger vehicles. With a Custom Boat Loader you can place the boat in the water if you can get to it!

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Custom Boat Loader - How it Works

How it Works


The vehicle reverses to the stern of the dinghy.


The boat loader process starts


Boat starts to pivot


Boat pivoting on rear bar


Boat moves forward to lock down position


Boat being locked down and ready for travel


Step by Step

How the Custom Boat Loader operates.

  • The vehicle reverses to the stern of the dinghy.
  • The four lifting ropes are pulled through the guides on the Custom boat loader and secured to four anchor points on the boat.
  • A fulcrum plate fits between the stern of the dinghy and the tow-bar of the vehicle.
  • Once in position the winch is activated, pulling the boat up and off the ground. The worm drive winch gives full control when loading and unloading – you can stop at any time & the winch will hold the boat at any stage, automatically.
  • Once over the vertical, the boat pivots on the rear bar of the rack, & then runs easily forward until the bow is resting on the front edge of the rack.
  • The winch continues to pull on the four ropes until tension is sufficient to secure the boat onto the Custom boat loader & locked for transport, although tie down straps are recommended for extra safety over rough roads & anchor points are provided on the loader for this purpose.

Boat Loader Demo Video

Detailed demonstration of use and features.



A non biased review on the Custom Boat Loader – rear loading roof top tinny loader. See how these work in real time and weigh up the pros and cons of different brands for yourself before investing in one.


A few kind words.

Dian, The loader was easy to fit, the instruction on the boat mount was easy to follow, it looks good and works well. All my mates love it. I will be leaving for the top end on the 20th of this month so I will get a photo of my set up and send it to you. A great loader! Many thanks Norm.

Dennis is so excited with his new boat loader. It has been on and off the car so many times. I don’t think he realised just how easy it was going to be. Thank you very much.

I must commend you on your boatlifter design. It is sensational (goes with our caravan!) We had it fitted yesterday and it is just so easy, in fact I am sure we will actually get to use the boat more now that we can load and unload without any effort.

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