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Just wanted to send you an email as a testimonial of our experiences with your company Custom Boat Loaders.

I purchased my loader from you back in 2010 and have loved the unit ever since. I upgraded my boat and your support and advise re changes required to the gear box and how to replace it was fantastic. Living in Adelaide I needed to be able to do the change myself and your input and support through this process was magic. Recently I changed my vehicle and you could not have been more helpful regarding information, support and the offer for a local aluminium fabricator to be able to contact you regarding the best way to support the loader through an existing fibreglass canopy.

Selling a product is one thing, back up service is another and it is in this area you again excel.

As a user of your product and almost more importantly as a customer requiring follow up support you and your company have been exceptional and I highly recommend Custom Boat Loaders to everyone that reads this not just for the quality and performance of the boat loader but also for the fantastic after sales service provided even after 10 years from the date of purchase.

Well done Cameron, to you and Janine thank you for how you have treated me as a customer.

I will always promote your company whenever the opportunity arises.

Has proved to be trouble free, easy to operate, quick and convenient. Definitely the best purchase I have made.

Here is a couple of photo’s of my Boat Loader. It works really well. No more lifting is the best part of it and the Sea Jay fits perfectly.

We are very happy with the Boat Loader – it works perfectly and is a safe and easy operation. It has alleviated the stress and safety problems we used to have getting the boat on and off the vehicle.

I thought I would be able to to lift the boat on the roof rack forever – done it for 10 years! 70 now and as many others at Warra station at Ningaloo Reef I have invested in a custom boat loader the best thing I ever done.

We purchased about February 2015 and since then taken the dinghy Mako 371 to Coral Bay, Onslow, and Monkey Mia in WA. We are now travelling Australia and have been on the road since October 2015. This is so far over 6000 km with the boat on and towing 23 ft caravan. We had a minor problem breaking a rear black slider pad and dirt under the motor brushes. Phoned Cameron and technical assistance was fantastic and parts sent and received in two days at Yarrawonga Vic. Great prompt service was much appreciated. I estimate we have taken the boat off the loader more than 50 times It becomes an attraction wherever we stop and use. I am sure our positive comments have brought clients to you. If we can assist please feel free to contact at any time.
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Have provided some images of our Custom Boat Loader with caravan in tow at a campsite in Lake Tinaroo Dam North Queensland last year, unfortunately, we didn’t take any snaps of loading or unloading, we find the Boat Loader is very easy to use in both undertakings.. On that occasion, we spoke to other owners of your Custom Boat Loader including several other persons who took photos and details of your product for future contact as well . Several of those people actually came from W A. Due to height constraints of our garage entry, it is necessary to remove and store the boat loader when not required. We leave the angle brackets attached to the vehicle permanently and it is an easy task to lift this lightweight loader onto the roof brackets and into position. We have seen many variations of boat loaders in use but in our opinion, none equal your Custom Boat Loader.

Attached are few photos of boat loader in use just yesterday. Cheers David.

I absolutely love my Custom Boat Loader! It was relatively easy to install and great to use. I always seem to draw a crowd whenever I use it! Thank you for making boating easier!!

Hi Dian and Co. Just did my first load and unload, what a great product! Even easier than it appears in the video. Thank you and all your team for your help and for the best boat loader that I have ever seen (and used).

The boat looks absolutely fantastic! Thanks for all the time, effort, thought and advice that has gone into this. Now all I need is a big barra on the end of my line.

I had a call from a fellow who wanted to know what your loaders were like… and I told him they were the best ever, especially as he wanted to travel off road with a boat…I hope he rang you. Thanks so much again as your product is the best ever and I hope to have another one in about 7 years time.

Di and Cameron at Custom Boat Loaders have been extremely professional throughout our dealings. Di organised all the admin side of the transaction and the logistics of getting our boat loader from Perth to Melbourne. Cameron provided great practical support over the phone during the home installation of the loader to our 100 Series LC. I probably phoned him ten times during fitment to clarify aspects of the installation and he always responded in a helpful and understanding manner. We recently returned from Karumba after our annual fishing holiday and I can confirm that the Custom Boat Loader performed marvelously. It was simple to use and we are confident it will serve us well for many years to come. Congratulations must go to the management and staff at Custom Boat Loaders for designing and producing such a great product and for the outstanding support they provide to their customers. My only advice to prospective buyers would be to stretch the budget a little further and buy the electric motor model. My loader is 14.4 volt hand drill operated and although it works perfectly, I think the upmarket model with the built in motor would be an advantage worth the extra investment. In summary….. great product and outstanding customer service.

Thanks for the email, ever thing went to plan. Hook the ropes on and up went the boat, fantastic, so thank Cameron for his guidance and where he told me to put the eye bolts work a treat and no adjustment needed. Just sending a couple of photos for proof and thanks again.

Have returned home safely from Tasmania after a fantastic holiday. Apart from the initial hitch caused by my auxiliary battery being flat, the boat loader worked magnificently. It attracted quite a bit of interest at Miena and a number of locals were keen to see it in operation and to hear about how it does all the work for you. A sensational product – very much appreciated – together with your service in meeting my needs in such a tight time frame.

I fitted the boat loader today. It is a work of art. If it works as good as it looks, it will be fantastic. You have been so professional right through the process of ordering, delivery and the construction of the boatloader.

I have received the boat package today and I am extremely happy. Cameron is a great worker and you should be proud of him. I appreciate all your families assistance. Hope your holiday is fantastic and good luck with CBL in the future ! I will always recommend your company when I am given the opportunity.

Dennis is so excited with his new boat loader. It has been on and off the car so many times. I don’t think he realised just how easy it was going to be. Thank you very much.

Thank you. l picked it up this morning and will unwrap it tomorrow and start to play with it. And again thank you so much for your great customer service and patience.

We fitted the loader and everything is working great. We went camping for a week, and had no dramas at all. We are extremely happy with it. It’s one of the best purchases we have ever made, we would absolutely highly recommend it to any one that’s in the market for one. You are all great to deal with during the purchase and even after the purchase, setting up etc. Lovely people and extremely highly regarded. Thanks so very much.

Many thanks for the Boat Loader – we should have ordered it last year, and I may have saved myself a shoulder operation!

My friend (has your Custom Loader on a Dodge Ram) came up yesterday. We fitted the loader to my Cruiser in 2.5 hours. It worked a treat first time and my wife operated it with ease. As a (retired) Engineer I think the design and operation is brilliant. And a very well made product. I think we are going to be the envy of many who see us unload side by side when we go away up North next winter. Congratulations on such a good product – I wish you every continuing success in the business.

I must commend you on your boatlifter design. It is sensational (goes with our caravan!) We had it fitted yesterday and it is just so easy, in fact I am sure we will actually get to use the boat more now that we can load and unload without any effort.

Its been a while since I last spoke to you but just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that the loader is fantastic. I have been out quite a bit and have used the loader each time. I had it for 15 months now and it hasn’t missed a beat. In fact, I was travelling up the freeway on one trip and the tyre on my trailer blew out. I didn’t have a spare so I pulled into a service station and unloaded the boat on a grassed area, then loaded the boat onto the roof of the Patrol and broke the Real Ezy trailer down and loaded it into the truck. Got a tyre at the next city but now the boat stays on the roof whenever I have a fair distance to go – it travels great and my mates are very envious.

The Loader is among the best things I have purchased for a long time. It is precise and loads my 3.8m Stacer boat which weighs 100kg perfectly even to the point where it turns over it does not drop down one little bit. It is excellent for this 82 year old. Call in sometime if you are passing, I have plenty of room, stop for a night, week or more.

Thank you Dian, The boatloader works just fine. We have had a wonderful afternoon raising and lowering the boat. A few minor adjustments to the ropes and everything worked just fine. (Thank god Optima batteries can handle a continuous load.) We have also worked out how to unload the boat straight onto the little bulldog trailer.Please thank Bill for his advice. My back loves each of you.

Boat loader was fitted in 2 days after we received it and we were on the road. Have had a lot of interest everywhere we go with it. It is the best thing we have ever bought. So easy. Jeff made up a frame to load the motor into the car and this is also used to put the motor on the trailer. So all is going well. Hope we managed to help you sell some as everyone took down your email address from the loader after seeing it work.

Dian, Sorry about not getting back to you sooner, Yes, it’s already fitted and looking good. I’m very happy with it. I did a lot of research in all sorts of loaders before I chose yours, I wanted the best one on the market and I bought the very best. It’s money well spent. Merry Christmas, keep living the dream.

Di, Hi there – thought I would email you some photos of our rig now that we are set up with our 200 series Sahara – no stopping us now – the Custom Boat Loader is worth every cent we paid for it – no more back breaking, lifting and arguments between us when he says to me – “lift more – lift higher etc”.

To Di, Bill, Cameron & team, It has been a pleasure doing business with you all, also if you want to I give you permission to put us on your satisfied clients page. You should have pictures from the video that Hugh sent over. Once again a big thankyou from Pat and myself. Regards Ray PS: If you need any help in the future here in S.A. just yell or let Hugh know.

We are very happy with the loader. We had no trouble setting it up and have tried it at home to see how we went with it. Very easy to use! We would recommend it to anyone that was interested in getting a loader. It is one of the best that we have seen. If we ever get over your way we will hopefully be able to call on you.

Boat loader arrived and all parts O.K. We have assembled and tested the loader and congratulations on an excellent designed mechanism. It works perfectly and we will promote the loader to all, so once again thank you for a great invention.

Hi Bill, Boat loader on and happy with how it works. Some photos as promised . One photo shows my 84 yr old father loading the boat.

Hi guys, Here’s a few pictures of the boat loader on my F250. It worked fantasticly on our 3 week trip.


Hi All, When it starts raining simply roll back the boat and start cooking under the shelter with my favorite cooker the Cobb. Life can’t get any better. When you finished cooking back your car up to the waters edge let the boat loader do all the work by lowering your tinnie to the water. Now its time to go fishing.


Dian, The loader was easy to fit, the instruction on the boat mount was easy to follow, it looks good and works well. All my mates love it. I will be leaving for the top end on the 20th of this month so I will get a photo of my set up and send it to you. A great loader! Many thanks Norm.

I did research forever before I bought this rack and they are the best around. If you compare the quality and strength to the flimsy name brand loaders you will see what I am talking about.

I would just like to say if anyone is interested in a boat loader have a look at the Custom Boat Loader. I have just finished putting my Electric remote control loader on. The only problem I had was my wife needed longer legs but that was no problem after I told her to put her high heels back on to do the job. What a great unit! I’m happy and it works great. The Custom Boat Loader is a good Aussie product & if anyone is thinking I must have shares in the company I don’t.

We have a Makocraft 3.8m v bottom which has a beam of 1.70m. We use a Custom Boat Loader from Perth [very easy to use and an excellent company to deal with] and I would suggest you contact them as they had no qualms about a 1.70m beam on my LC100.

It is most definately OK for you to arrange for anyone interested to have a look at the Custom Boat Loader “Masterpiece of Engineering” anytime. All they have to do is give us a phone call first up to make sure that we are home. I may even be able to meet them in Townsville somewhere if I am planning a trip into town around a convenient time for both parties. I know that your Boat Loader generates a lot of interest from people who see it sitting on top of our Cruiser and we have handed out quite a few of your brochures and cards to people on your behalf. I hope that this has been fruitful to sales for you. We have even had enjoyable discussions with other happy Custom Boat Loader owners, the most recent one with a couple in Yungaburra who have recently come back from a trip up in the gulf.

Former West Coast Eagle, Ashley MacIntosh with Cameron – very happy with his new loader.

Thanks for sending the remote . I am one happy person . Your custom boat loader is an amazing product and your help has been second to none . You set the bench mark in customer service . Regards Craig

Many thanks for the service and quality of the outfit you have provided, it was easy and convenient to have everything supplied from a local business providing a one stop shop. We have recommended your services to others in the hope they will also support a local business, good luck for the future.

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