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Thanks for the email, ever thing went to plan. Hook the ropes on and up went the boat, fantastic, so thank Cameron for his guidance and where he told me to put the eye bolts work a treat and no adjustment needed. Just sending a couple of photos for proof and thanks again.

My friend (has your Custom Loader on a Dodge Ram) came up yesterday. We fitted the loader to my Cruiser in 2.5 hours. It worked a treat first time and my wife operated it with ease. As a (retired) Engineer I think the design and operation is brilliant. And a very well made product. I think we are going to be the envy of many who see us unload side by side when we go away up North next winter. Congratulations on such a good product - I wish you every continuing success in the business.

We have a Makocraft 3.8m v bottom which has a beam of 1.70m. We use a Custom Boat Loader from Perth [very easy to use and an excellent company to deal with] and I would suggest you contact them as they had no qualms about a 1.70m beam on my LC100.

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