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As you may expect, a great device like the custom boat loader gets a lot of attention, please feel free to take a look at some of the articles we and our product have appeared in.

Scott Coghlan - Sunday Times
Western Angler
Sunday Times Newspaper

Sunday Times – 8th January 2017

10 Years on and going strong..
Ray Willis from Adelaide purchased his first Custom Boat Loader 10 years ago, and based on recent feedback its still going strong. To find out more, read Ray’s feedback below!

Hi Bill & Staff,

Well it’s now around 10 years since we fitted your Custom H/D Boat Loader (full elec model) to our first F250 that you used in the Adelaide Show all those years ago. We are now onto our second F250 Cab Chassis with purpose built body, still with the same reg Hoppy0 as in your website pics.

The reason for writing is to let you know that the Loader has been up to the Gulf on many trips, Arnhem land twice, Mitchell Plateau twice, etc. In fact not many places it hasn’t been.

The only maintenance I have done is to replace the ropes, just because I thought they may be getting a little fatigued after 10 or so years. Really there was probably no need. The Loader has performed without a fault at all times. The boat is the same 3.95 Sea Jay with quite a few custom mods now-a days, eg floor & extra storage, which has added a little bit more weight to it, but the Custom Boat Loader handles it just like it did all those years ago.

Thanks guys for a truly great Australian made product. I wish that all Australian companies offering their products could measure up to your level.

Happy travels & thanks once again Bill.

Ray & Pat Willis. Adelaide.

Adelaide Advertiser Newspaper

Adelaide Advertiser – 08 February 2008

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