Welcome to Custom Boat Loaders

This is the first stop for anyone wishing to take their aluminum dinghy on the roof of their 4WD vehicle. Ideal for traveling with a caravan!

The Custom boat loader and roof rack combined enables ONE person to easily and safely load and unload an aluminium dinghy onto a 4WD vehicle roof, secure it down for travel whilst also providing ample roof rack storage.

It is operated simply using a cordless 14.4 volt battery drill or you can opt for the fully remote controlled electric motor model.

Loading Dinghy

The process of loading or unloading your dinghy takes approximately 2 minutes each way.

The rack is custom-made for most 4WD vehicles, using sturdy, high grade aluminium giving strength in a lightweight construction. All other fittings are stainless steel.
The loader/roof rack can carry dinghies up to 100 kgs & 3.9 metres in length (subject to the vehicle's carrying capacity).

The Custom Boat Loader has a sturdy mesh floor for carrying equipment beneath the boat such as boating accessories (tackle boxes, rods etc.) It is not necessary to remove anything carried on the rack during the loading/unloading process as the boat travels up and over the stored equipment.

Please look around and don't hesitate to contact us via the enquiry page. We're more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

We're also on the lookout for new Dealers that are interested in selling and fitting the Custom Boat Loaders. See our Dealers page for more information.

Bill Maney
Creator of the Custom Boat Loader
Patent Design Registration IP AU 155832 S

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