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We fitted the loader and everything is working great. We went camping for a week, and had no dramas at all. We are extremely happy with it. It’s one of the best purchases we have ever made, we would absolutely highly recommend it to any one that’s in the market for one. You are all great to deal with during the purchase and even after the purchase, setting up etc. Lovely people and extremely highly regarded. Thanks so very much.

Many thanks for the Boat Loader – we should have ordered it last year, and I may have saved myself a shoulder operation!

I must commend you on your boatlifter design. It is sensational (goes with our caravan!) We had it fitted yesterday and it is just so easy, in fact I am sure we will actually get to use the boat more now that we can load and unload without any effort.

Its been a while since I last spoke to you but just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that the loader is fantastic. I have been out quite a bit and have used the loader each time. I had it for 15 months now and it hasn’t missed a beat. In fact, I was travelling up the freeway on one trip and the tyre on my trailer blew out. I didn’t have a spare so I pulled into a service station and unloaded the boat on a grassed area, then loaded the boat onto the roof of the Patrol and broke the Real Ezy trailer down and loaded it into the truck. Got a tyre at the next city but now the boat stays on the roof whenever I have a fair distance to go – it travels great and my mates are very envious.

The Loader is among the best things I have purchased for a long time. It is precise and loads my 3.8m Stacer boat which weighs 100kg perfectly even to the point where it turns over it does not drop down one little bit. It is excellent for this 82 year old. Call in sometime if you are passing, I have plenty of room, stop for a night, week or more.

Thank you Dian, The boatloader works just fine. We have had a wonderful afternoon raising and lowering the boat. A few minor adjustments to the ropes and everything worked just fine. (Thank god Optima batteries can handle a continuous load.) We have also worked out how to unload the boat straight onto the little bulldog trailer.Please thank Bill for his advice. My back loves each of you.

Boat loader was fitted in 2 days after we received it and we were on the road. Have had a lot of interest everywhere we go with it. It is the best thing we have ever bought. So easy. Jeff made up a frame to load the motor into the car and this is also used to put the motor on the trailer. So all is going well. Hope we managed to help you sell some as everyone took down your email address from the loader after seeing it work.

Dian, Sorry about not getting back to you sooner, Yes, it’s already fitted and looking good. I’m very happy with it. I did a lot of research in all sorts of loaders before I chose yours, I wanted the best one on the market and I bought the very best. It’s money well spent. Merry Christmas, keep living the dream.

To Di, Bill, Cameron & team, It has been a pleasure doing business with you all, also if you want to I give you permission to put us on your satisfied clients page. You should have pictures from the video that Hugh sent over. Once again a big thankyou from Pat and myself. Regards Ray PS: If you need any help in the future here in S.A. just yell or let Hugh know.

We are very happy with the loader. We had no trouble setting it up and have tried it at home to see how we went with it. Very easy to use! We would recommend it to anyone that was interested in getting a loader. It is one of the best that we have seen. If we ever get over your way we will hopefully be able to call on you.

Boat loader arrived and all parts O.K. We have assembled and tested the loader and congratulations on an excellent designed mechanism. It works perfectly and we will promote the loader to all, so once again thank you for a great invention.

Hi Bill, Boat loader on and happy with how it works. Some photos as promised . One photo shows my 84 yr old father loading the boat.

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